Welcome to our Organic Grower Spotlight for Fat Goose Fruits. This is the first in an ongoing series of blogs highlighting our growers. Each article is an opportunity to learn more about the incredible farms, and incredible people, who grow your food.

So, let’s l kick the series off by highlighting one of our most memorable growers: Fat Goose Fruits.


The Fat Goose Story

Based in Renmark, South Australia, Fat Goose lies on a sweeping bend of the Murray river. Farmer Humphrey Howe owns and operates the farm, although he is just the latest in a long line.

See, the Howe family have owned the land that makes up Fat Goose for over a century. This means their story and the orchard’s story, really are one in the same.

Humphrey’s great grandfather, James Clarke, was responsible for bringing the first sultana grape to Renmark. He was also a notorious bootlegger, running a grog shop in the then prohibition town.

A wooden barrell with Howe painted on it

The story of Fat Goose really is the story of the Howe family.

Humphrey’s grandfather, H. Herbert Howie, was a pioneer of the dried fruit industry. He headed the industry’s governing body in Australia’s for 30 years

Humphrey’s father, Jim Howie, was a fruit-grower for 60 years, planting the first citrus plant on Fat Goose farm in 1948.

Today, Humphry carries on his family legacy managing the farm. He worked hard to convert the original, conventionally-managed orchards, to a certified organic farm. Today the farm only grows NASAA certified organic produce.

Why the name Fat Goose?

A quick walk around the orchard and it becomes very clear where Fat Goose gets its name.

Patrolling the 23 hectares that make up the farm is its iconic flock of geese. These fine fowl live the high life, strutting around the farm gobbling up weeds and gorging on fallen fruit. Not only are these geese the farm’s namesake, they form a pivotal part of the orchard’s permaculture.

Fat Goose’s iconic flock

Fat Goose Organic Citrus

Now you know a little about the farm, let’s take a look at some of their incredible organic produce. Please keep in mind that what Back to Eden has in stock will depend on the season.

  • Valencia Oranges: The iconic juicing orange. Fat Goose’s Valencias remain on the tree until picked, ensuring they are plump and juicy. They are generally in season all summer.
  • Navel Oranges: Unlike Valencias, Navel oranges are available throughout winter. Seedless and sweet, they make a great snacking orange and can be eaten with your fingers.
  • Tahitian Limes: These limes boast a tart and refreshing flavour. Fat Goose pick them when they are green. However, they are only fully ripe and juiced up when their skin turns yellow.
  • Hass Avocados: Yes, we know they aren’t citrus, but we just adore Fat Goose’s avos! These Hass avocados are particularly rich and buttery, ready to eat as soon as the skin turns a purple-black colour.

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