Mungalli Creek: The Best in Biodynamic Dairy


Back to Eden is proud to stock a large selection of Mungalli Creek Dairy products including creams, cheeses, yogurts and their range of Icecreams.


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Mungalli Creek Dairy is the little biodynamic farm that could. Across Australia, Mungalli are making a name for themselves with their range of fresh, ethical, and most importantly delicious, organic dairy products.

Based in Queensland’s stunning Atherton tablelands, Mungalli is all about healthy soil, diverse pastures, sustainable farming practices and happy cows.

Bottles of Mungalli Organic Biodynamic milk

Mungalli Organic Milk

Mungalli is famous for its rich and flavoursome organic milk. Made by very happy cows, all varieties of their farm fresh milk comes with a rich layer of cream on top.
Available in full cream, low fat and lactose free.

Mungalli Organic Cheese

Whether you crave a rich, creamy ricotta, a salty feta or a sharp cheddar, Mungalli has you covered.

They have recently created their first original cheese, Mungallio. This cheese combines the sharpness of a Cheddar with the creaminess of a Romano.

Mungalli Organic Yogurt

Mungalli Yogurts come in two varieties: Greek and Pot set. Their Greek yoghurt is made the old fashioned way by being strained through a cheesecloth. Pot set yogurt is made and set right in the pot. Both these types of Yogurts are paired with locally sourced fruits and honey.

Mungalli Organic Ice Cream

Always in high demand, Mungalli organic ice cream pairs locally sourced ingredients with a traditional custard ice cream base. Lactase, a naturally occurring enzyme, is added to make it extra gentle on stomachs.

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