Certified Biodynamic dairy

Mungalli Creek Dairy is the little biodynamic farm that could.

Across Australia, Mungalli are making a name for themselves with their range of fresh, ethical, and most importantly delicious, certified Biodynamic and Organic dairy products.


Organic Dairy Cows grazing in a field

Located in Queensland’s stunning Atherton tablelands, Mungalli Creek Dairy is the perfect embodiment of both organic and biodynamic farming practices.

Mungalli farmers, the Watson brothers, view the dairy as more than just cows and pasture. It’s their chance to actively contribute to the biodiversity and the natural resilience of their local ecosystem.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to see small birds, Wallabies, dingoes and even cassowaries wandering about on their farm!

Our Favourites

Belgian Chocolate Organic Ice cream

This timeless dessert is made from the finest Belgian chocolate and Mungalli’s traditional custard ice cream base. Lactase, a naturally occurring enzyme, is added to make it gentle on stomachs.

Organic Tub set Yoghurt with Davidson's Plum

This tasty yoghurt pairs sweet organic yoghurt with the tart taste of Davidson’s plum, a native rainforest fruit. Set right in the pot it’s made from unhomogenised milk and contains a rich layer of cream on top.

Organic Fetta

Just like their milk, Mungalli’s organic fetta has a unique, rich taste. It’s the perfect addition to a pizza, pasta or a fresh salad.