Welcome to Now in Stock, Back to Eden’s week round-up of new, as well as discounted, certified organic produce and grocery items. All the items below are available for our Organic Outlet Store and Wholesale customers.


Red and Green Oak Lettuce

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: AUS-QUAL
Grower: Jarcman

We’ve received a big delivery of certified organic Red Oak Lettuce and Green Oak lettuce this week. These petite lettuces have a mellow, buttery texture with a sweet nutty aftertaste. In particular, the red variety features a bitter tang.



Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: ACO
Grower: Peninsula Fresh

Sweet and tender, this Broccolini makes for the perfect side of greens. Give them a quick fry with a little oil or lightly steam and you are good to go.


Red Anjou Pears

Status: Certified Biodynamic.
Biodynamic Certification: Demeter
Grower: Greenwood

Red Anjou Pears are now in stock. When ripe they feature a mild, sweet flavor with subtle hints of lemon and lime. These striking red pears may be less common than their green cousins, but they are well worth seeking out.


Organic Dip Range

Status: Certified Organic, Gluten free, GMO Free, Vegan
Organic Certification: ACO
Supplier: The Whole Food Kitchen

Great organic dips can be hard to find. That’s why we’re excited to be stocking this impressive range of organic dips from our friends at The Whole Food Kitchen. Flavours include Hummus, Pumpkin, Curry, Chilli Hummus, Carrot, Beetroot and Moroccan.

All varieties are vegan with the exception of the Tzatziki.


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