Welcome to Now in Stock, Back to Eden’s weekly round-up of new, as well as discounted, certified organic produce and grocery items. All the items below are available for our Organic Outlet Store and wholesale customers.


Organic Swiss Chard

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: ACO
Grower: Coolibah herbs

First up is this vibrant Organic Swiss Chard from Coolibah Herbs in Vic. Swiss Chard features a bright red stem and firmer, crunchier leaves then spinach. It tastes bitter raw but becomes sweet and mild when cooked. Perfect as a green addition to a dish or steamed as a side.


Organic Bosc Pears

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: OFC
Grower: Forest Orchard

These Bosc pears feature a crisp texture and that iconic pear sweetness. Firmer than other varieties, Bosc are perfect for baking, broiling or poaching.


Biodynamic Apple and Pear Juice

Status: Certified Biodynamic
Biodynamic Certification: Demeter
Supplier: Greenwood Orchard

Greenwood’s apple and pear juices are one of the most popular products we stock. Made from fruit grown at Greenwood’s Orchards, the fruit is crushed then heated to pasteurise.


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