Welcome to Now in Stock, Back to Eden’s weekly round-up of new, as well as discounted, certified organic produce and grocery items. All the items below are available for our Organic Outlet Store and wholesale customers.


Organic Eggplant

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: ACO
Grower: Mount Alma

Organic Eggplants are back in stock. Plump, colourful and perfect for a winter’s stew, spag bowl or roast. This latest batch are from Mt Alma organic farm in QLD. They’re smaller in size, making them perfect for cooking a meal without any pesky raw eggplant left over!


Organic Juicing Carrots

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: ACO
Grower: Bio-Farm

They may be ugly, but don’t be fooled: these organic juicing carrots punch above their weight when it comes flavour. By buying them not only are you getting an amazing juicing carrot, you are also helping to reduce food waste.

Passata Di Pomodoro

Status: Certified Organic, vegan
Organic and Biodynamic Certification: ACO
Supplier: Global Organics

We stock a wide range of products from Global Organics – and for good reason. They’re affordable, last ages and taste great. Their Passata Di Pomodoro is made from the finest, organically-grown Italian tomatoes which are harvested and bottled immediately.


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