Welcome to Now in Stock, Back to Eden’s weekly round-up of new, as well as discounted, certified organic produce and grocery items. All the items below are available for our Organic Outlet Store and wholesale customers.


Organic Butternut and Jap Pumpkins

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification: ACO
Grower: Shadbolt

First up, we’ve received a fresh batch of hearty pumpkins from Shadbolt organics in Vic. Both varieties, Butternut and Jap, are cooking staples and shine when roasted or mashed.


Organic Navel Oranges

Status: Certified Organic
Organic Certification:  NASSA
Grower: Fat Goose Fruits

Stop the winter sniffles with these juicy organic navel oranges. Rich in vitamin C, navels are widely considered the best tasting orange variety. Plus, they’re seedless and easy to peel, making them perfect for snacking.


Organic Brown Rice Crisps

Status: Certified Organic, Gluten free
Supplier: DeliGrains

This week’s pantry pick is the range of Organic Brown Rice Crisps from DeliGrains. Not only are these tasty crackers a great organic alternative for dips or cheeseboards, they’re also gluten free and free of trans fats. Available in Multigrain and Black sesame.


Organic Pouch Soups

Status: Certified Organic, vegetarian
Biodynamic Certification: NASSA
Supplier: The Whole Food Kitchen

We have a wonderful range of ready-to-eat certified organic soups from our friends at The Whole Food Kitchen. Flavours include Minestrone, Pumpkin, Chick Pea & Leek, Adzuki Bean and Lentil.


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