At Back to Eden we’re huge advocates of organic food. We believe an all-organic diet is not only the healthiest, but also the most sustainable way to live.

However, we are also realists. We know there’s more to eating an organic diet than just choosing to. Organic produce is more expensive than conventional produce and can be harder to source, particularly if you lack access to specialty organic stores.

So, we wanted to offer some tips to help you squeeze more organics into your life. While they’ve been collected with newcomers in mind, organic veterans might also learn a thing or two.


1.Eat According to the Season

The most important way to fit more organic food in your diet is to eat with the season.

Conventional farming has made us accustomed to a huge range of produce all of the time. Visit your local supermarket and you can see any fruit or veggie you can think of, regardless of the month.

Eating organic means moving away from this eternal availability. Veteran organic shoppers are skilled at taking advantage of what is naturally available at any given time of year.

This approach is known as Seasonal Eating. Not only is it more sustainable, it’s generally a lot cheaper too. Wondering what’s in season? Check out this easy chart.


2.Buy Organic Fruit and Veg that Lacks a Protective Skin or Peel

One of the big draws of organic food is the absence of pesticides, fertilisers and other toxic chemicals. But, did you know there are also conventional fruits and vegetables that use minimal chemicals? Collectively known as the Clean 15 it includes avocado, cabbage, grapefruit, cantaloupe and cauliflower.

If you’re unable to afford buying only organic food, avoid buying organic versions of the clean 15. Instead, prioritise produce that lacks a protective skin or peel. Think berries, greens, cherries, celery, tomatoes, peppers, potatoes and pears.

Because of their thick skin, Avocados require less pesticides than other vegetables.

3. Be Selective About Where You Eat Out

Reducing the amount you eat out is an easy way to increase organics in your diet. We recommend stocking up on organic ingredients while making cooking and meal planning a priority if possible.

Don’t have time to go shopping yourself? There’s a range of convenient organic delivery services that operate in NSW and Australia.

When you do eat out, try places that use some, or all, organic ingredients. Eateries like As Nature Intended, Ruby Lane Wholefoods and Bistro st Jacques all incorporate quality, organic ingredients into their menus.


4. Start a Veggie Garden

You can’t grow everything you need but a veggie garden is a practical way to supplement your grocery shop. Since you’re growing it, you have complete control over how your plants are cared for and can ensure zero chemicals are used.

Start with staples like potatoes and carrots as well as some simple herbs.

The Back to Eden Organic Outlet store in Homebush.

5. Buy Small and Local

Although organic food is becoming common in mainstream supermarkets, the freshest produce will always come from dedicated organic grocers.

Seeking out your local organic co-op or buyers group is another great way to access organic produce. These organisations are dedicated to making organics as accessible as possible, often having access to wholesale prices.

We might be biassed, but our organic outlet in Homebush is a great place to get your organic groceries. It’s our mission to connect consumers like you with the finest, and freshest, in organic and biodynamic produce.